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First, before getting to learn more about awnings, let us first understand what awnings are and what is their core function. The awning is a secondary covering that is attached to the building for protection. It is basically composed of two main parts, a canvas and a support structure. Now, […]

First, before getting to learn more about awnings, let us first understand what awnings are and what is their core function.

The awning is a secondary covering that is attached to the building for protection. It is basically composed of two main parts, a canvas and a support structure.

Now, the canvas can be made using different kinds of materials like acrylic, vinyl, metal, etc. The support structure is made out of Aluminium or iron.

Awnings In Camden are perfect for protecting your property from excessive heat and maintaining a pleasant temperature. Hence, installing an awning on your property becomes important. An instance that you wish to have your breakfast on your balcony but you cannot since you are afraid you might get a sunburn.

Awnings in Camden are a perfect solution for all such desires. When you have an awning, you wouldn’t have to think twice if spending time on the balcony during the day time.

Now, if you are convinced about installing an awning on your property, there are chances you might be confused about what material awning might suit your home the best. Worry not, as this article will acquaint you with the types of awnings that might be an ideal choice for your home!

Awnings in Camden are available in a wide variety. Retractable awnings and fixed awnings are the two basic and common types of awnings used. Among both of these, you will get an array of styles like concave, done, etc that you can awnings on your property. You can also select a motorised option.


Different types of awnings to know before taking any installation project:


  • Stationery/Fixed awnings:


  • Many people are aware of this type of awning
  • Also, this type is what people think of when they think of installing awnings on their property
  • As the name suggests, this awning is fixed on the walls
  • The canopy will provide maximum shade
  • Also, this will serve as a permanent shelter
  • If you want to get it installed, make sure you call the professionals to do it for you
  • It is suggestible that you do not DIY
  • When you install fixed awnings, you are sure to cut energy costs
  • Moreover, you can also get stationer awnings for your windows and doors in Camden
  • A couple of styles that you can choose for your windows and doors are:
    • Concave
    • Waterfall
    • Dome
    • Elongated domes
    • Eyebrow
  • Fixed awnings can stand the test of times and all the harsh weathers
  • It is truly an investment if you maintain them properly


  • Retractable awnings:


  • Retractable awnings can be extended or retracted
  • Unlike fixed/stationary awnings, they are much more flexible
  • This has become a major attraction among many homeowners
  • When the weather condition is extremely bad, you have an option to roll or gold this retractable awning
  • The best part about this awnings is that you can adjust the amount of heat that your canopy provides
  • Some of the major benefits awnings in Camden bring are that they keep your view intact
  • The best styles that are absolutely perfect for retractable awnings are waterfall, slope, and concave
  • Under retractable awnings, you can either go for retractable motorized awnings or manual retractable awnings


  • Retractable motorized awnings:


  • These awnings function with the help of an electric mechanism
  • These are the best awnings as they have sensors that can sense and monitor the weather
  • They can automatically spread the canopy when it is sunny and take it back when it is windy or during rains
  • You can control these awnings in Camden with the help of a switch or a remote
  • This can also be operated with the help of your phone
  • It not only saves time but also protects you from the harsh climate


  • Manual retractable awnings:


  • The biggest advantage of using a manual retractable awning is that you do not need any electricity to operate it
  • Many people find it tiresome to have to open the awning manually
  • But it is not that difficult to open as it follows a very smooth mechanism to open them
  • You have to maintain them well and make sure you change them from time-to-time as they are not permanent


After you have known the types of awnings available in Camden, you should also be acquainted with the common awnings materials and fabrics that are used to make them.

One can choose an awning material depending on their interiors, durability, prices etc. There is a wide range of materials, colours, sizes of awnings that one can easily find for their homes.


  • Metal awnings:


  • Aluminium awnings are some of the most sturdy options available
  • This is because they can stand all tough environments
  • These awnings are very durable and can last up to 50 years


  • Polyester awnings:


  • This fabric can protect homeowners from UV rays
  • Cleaning this type of fabric is very easy and you do not have to make extra efforts
  • All you have to do is wipe it with the help of a damp cloth
  • You can also use a vacuum to clean it


  • Canvas awnings:


  • Canvas awnings are priced low and are also very flexible
  • These awnings can retain the weight of rain and snow
  • Call for professionals to install these awnings as if you do not install them properly it can be a hazard


  • Cotton awnings:


  • Cotton awnings are the best for cold climates
  • It not only resists moisture but also resists mildew
  • You can wash your cotton awning just like you wash your other cotton clothes, in the washing machine


  • Wood awnings:


  • Wood awnings provide an amazing shelter and shade
  • They make your home look aesthetic and beautiful
  • The only drawback of wood awnings is that they have a higher fire risk


Installing awnings in your home in Camden is not only the best decision you have made but also a great investment!

Visit all the awnings stores, look for the one that goes with your interior the best, provides the best shade and keeps you safe in harsh weather conditions. Note down the prices and then take a call.

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