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Most of the kitchen areas are plagued with space that is far from being functional. Some might refer to this section as a dead corner, reach-in corner or even the occasional used item storage area. In the bath and kitchen industry, this space has a special name, and that is […]

Most of the kitchen areas are plagued with space that is far from being functional. Some might refer to this section as a dead corner, reach-in corner or even the occasional used item storage area. In the bath and kitchen industry, this space has a special name, and that is a blind corner. For so many years now, this kitchen area was nothing more than just one big dark cave. But things have changed, and nowadays, there are various solutions on the market for helping you to optimise the present use of the corner storage cabinets in kitchen space.

So, before you proceed further and try going for the options, you can give magic corner kitchen a try. Similarly, you have some other options as well. Just check out the proposed areas and then come up with the best one that seems to be your perfect choice for that small blind corner in your kitchen area.

LeMans corner pull out is one such option:

If you are aiming for those Creative ways of using the corners in kitchens, then the LeMans corner pulls out is one option that you should give out a try. This unit came from Kessebohmer and was named after the race track in France for its unique shape. The inherited name around this present design office is the Bean or Peanut.

You have the pull-out swivel motion, which will roll out like butter along with the track areas. The rounded shape of the present shelves will allow for multiple storage types for pots, pans to food and mixing bowls. It even has slip-resistant shelves with side railing so that the items will not slide or fall right off the edges.

Then the Half Lazy Susan Shelves:

Most of the cabinet manufacturers will have units, which are available to fit the blind corner cabinet. The Rev-A-Shelf is one of the major manufacturers known for making this unit.

  • You can make it using wood or plastic with two half circles or half-moon, which will glide right along the side pole.
  • Most of the shelves will operate individually and can be just pulled halfway or all the way out. Some can also swivel out towards the user.
  • These are mainly nice units, and most cases noted to be the least costly option if you are looking for something different than the LeMans corner nowadays.

Now is the Magic Corner:

If you are looking for the corner cabinet eye candy, then the magic corner kitchen is the one that you must look into. Made using chrome rails, the shiny and industrial or contemporary look of the Magic Corner is sure to catch the attention of maximum people.

  • It is noted to be one genius solution for bringing the kitchen items right into full visibility.
  • This unit will feature the shelves attached to the swing outdoor, which, when open, will pull the interior shelves towards an open portion of the cabinet.
  • In the present recent years, the design has been perfectly improved to include that soft-close feature.
  • Even though this feature helps with the noise, the truth is that when the shelves are stocked full, you can still get the clanking noises because of the all-metal organisers.

Magic corner II:

It is one significant upgrade of the Magic Corner. This Magic Corner will bring out the full accessibility with the two independent roll-out shelves that will pull out after getting to the open portion of the said cabinet.

This form of accessibility will bring about a new level when it comes to organisational opportunities to the given blind corner!

Ways to choose the right design for the blind corner of your kitchen:

Now with so many options, making one choice seems to be a difficult task. Moreover, you have the general confusion with Magic corner kitchen or the le-mans corner – which one to choose. Well, make sure to talk to the cabinet professional about what is now available and what will fit within your plan. There are some significant cost differences right between these models. So, always be realistic about what you are willing to spend on.

  • In case you are retrofitting any of the existing cabinets, then take some careful dimensions of the unit that you are interested in just to see if that works for you.
  • Moreover, find out more about the specifications and installation instructions online, as that will help you to get a clear idea of what you are aiming for.
  • Installing these options is not an easy task. So, you have to find a patient installer to do the task on your behalf and with utmost care and precision.

The right magic corner unit, which best suits your need the most:

Every supplier of the magic corner will tell you their option to be the best. But, there are always simple ways to find out which one will match your needs the most.

  • Cabinet size:

The internal dimensions of the cabinet magic corner kitchen must have around 900mm of the internal width with at least 500mm of internal depth. It will have a minimum internal height of around 525mm and 400mm of the minimum door width.

  • Materials and components:

In case you are willing to go for the magic corner, which is known for its durability, then go for the one with premium-quality bearings, materials and runners. As you are talking about the said kitchen space, the best choice will be the stainless steel one, known for its super sanitation and strength.

  • Mechanism and style:

Are you looking for a magic corner kitchen that will glide quietly without any effort? If so, then get the unit with a soft stop function so that it will not slam down when you close it. Most of the magic corner items look similar, but if you choose one from the Elite range, then you have basket style options for some quality style changes.

So, go through all these possible options and then you can aim for the right one here. Choose experts to help you with the installation.

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